Anti-Corrosion, Stainless Steel, Outdoor Grill & Metal Coatings Protection


Silicon-ceramic coating designed to provide maximum protection against staining, microbial growth and fading due to UV exposure.

Exterior Floor Coatings / Hardscapes

We use the most technologically advanced hardscape coating on the market with longer duration between recoating saving money in the long run, environmentally friendly, and beautifies as well as protects – including restoring color to old, oxidized and worn surfaces.

Great for use on:

• Residential Driveways, Walkways & Pool Decks
• Commercial, Office & Retail Centers
• Hotels & Condominiums

Outdoor Grill Protection
Metal Coatings

What makes DNA Surface Concepts Home and Commercial coatings so different from any other type of coating?

Anti-Corrosion Coatings


Metal Protection


Outdoor Grill Protection


• Silicon-based, inorganic coating
• Anti-Slip
• Not susceptible to oxidation
• Can go over painted (epoxy) concrete surfaces
• Coating is resistant to chemicals & staining
• Repels mold, fungus, dirt & self-cleans with rain/water hose
• Forms molecular bond with the applied surface
• Highly durable, almost impossible to breakdown
• Prevent concrete dusting

Contact us today about how quickly and inexpensively we can restore, beautify and protect your outdoor surfaces.

Anti-Corrosion Coatings


Stainless Steel Coatings
Metal Protection
Metal Coatings
Surface Protection Services

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