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INFIN-X™ Marine Coating Aftercare Guide


Beyond the Beading

Because you have invested into this technology, it shows you want the best protection for your boat. The following information helps you directly in this fashion. To take care of this new coating there are a few easy to understand fundamentals that will make the whole picture of easy maintenance super clear!


Smart Wash Procedures – Detox™ Smart Soap and DryLux XL™ Drying Towels

Wash hack#1: When you only use your boat lightly for the day, you can get away with simply rinsing and drying all surfaces without the need to use soap.

Full Wash: After heavy use, whether it be covered in the foot prints, salt, or fish blood, follow the steps below to easily clean with 10X results and efficiency.

Using microfiber tools and towels will be less abrasive and more effective than the brushes you may have used before. Drying has never been faster than during use of our DRYLUX XL Ultra Plush Drying towels. These towels can soak up water faster than any chamois mop on the market and are soft and safe for every surface. Use the Detox Smart Soap to create rich soap lather. Dilute according to directions. When washing is complete dry all surfaces. DO NOT leave to air dry. Lay the towel out and just walk and watch the water disappear. When it’s full set it down and grab another DRYLUX XL one and just keep going instead of wasting time ringing out the towel.


Stain removal – Fast Tips, Simple Tricks

Surface stains become much easier to fight after the Ceramic DNA coating has been installed. No need to resort to heavy chemical use or abrasive substances. If you have a greasy stain from a service or shoe brand that does not normally come off with a simple eraser use the Ceramic DNA Cleanse product with the eraser and quickly remove.

Rust stains: Utilize oxalic acid products if necessary, it will not hurt the coating but will remove the stain. This is common near screws and other metal hardware.

Decks:  Most people walk on their decks with their bare feet which can discolor over time. Don’t fear this is just oil sitting on top capturing dirt. You may take bleach diluted 1 to 5, scrub into the deck slightly and rinse away. To neutralize the bleach 100% follow up with vinegar, simply scrub over the area once and it will deactivate the chemical. Rinse thoroughly and your decks should be beading up and white just like new.

Water spots: In order to keep the surface free of water spots never wash and leave to air dry especially multiple times. Dock water or hard water could be the worst and will eventually effect the coatings performance.
You may choose to use straight white distilled vinegar to remove freshwater spots if they occur.


Keep it smooth – Regen-X™

Wash Hack#2: To save time while you dry, spray a fine mist of Regen-X in front of your towel. This will allow you to apply a refresh protectant and dry at the same time.Level any streaks with a regular, dry microfiber towel.
To keep your coating at its peak performance a use RegenX once per month during drying or after the boat has been cleaned and dried. This product can be applied to 100% of the vessel. Simply spray, wipe on, level with a towel and move on.

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