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NEW Antimicrobial TuffSkin

Smart Flat Surface Protection Film

Introducing our new surface protection product:

TuffSkin is a 4 mil film combined with a silver-based top coat and hard coat that makes it antimicrobial, etch proof, stain proof, and scratch resistant. The film can be applied to surfaces in order to inhibit growth of microbes, which may also cause odors and stains. TuffSkin’s topcoat continuously kills microbial contaminants and resists microbe growth on the surf ace of the film, providing the film with built-in protection without releasing toxic substances into the environment. The active ingredient in the topcoat is EPA-registered and FDA listed. TuffSkin can be replaced as needed based on the degree of wear and traffic.


Top layer 0.20 mil
PET 4 mil
Adhesive layer 0.80 mil
Release liner 1 mil
Total laminate thickness 6 mil


  • Strong antimicrobial properties
  • Effective against a broad range of microorganisms
  • Scratch and abrasion-resistant top coating


  • Prevents staining from mold, algae and chemicals
  • Etch proof for stone surfaces
  • Can be easily applied to many surfaces


TuffSkin Antimicrobial can be applied to surfaces such as stone, glass, wood, stainless steel or aluminum. TuffSkin AM inhibits microbe and bacterial growth on the product’s surface. The film can be used in public places including medical facilities, banks, public transportation systems, libraries, grocery stores, shopping centers, restaurants, movie theaters, salons, fitness clubs and similar

  • Countertops
  • Food Tray
  • Display Screens
  • Medical equipment
  • Elevators
  • Walls
  • Touch screens
  • Tables

How TS AM Works on Surfaces

Efficacy of Antimicrobial TuffSkin*

Microorganism % Reduction over 24 hours
Bacillus cereus 99.9955%
Pseudomonas aeruginosa No live cells
Streptococcus pneumonia No live cells
Escherichia coli 99.9999%
Staphylococcus aureus 99.999%
Klebsiella pneumonia 99.9998%
Acinetobacter baumannii 99.9978%
Candida albicans 99.981%
Aspergillus niger 99.91%

* J/S Z 2801 Antimicrobial products – Test for antimicrobial activity and efficacy.

Adhesion to Stainless Steel:

Initial (15 minutes) 24oz/inch
72 hours 48oz/inch

Dimensional Stability:


Chemical Resistance of Top Layer:

Disinfectants Excellent
Water Excellent
Mild acids Excellent
Salts and alkaline Excellent
Petroleum-based grease Excellent
Oils Excellent
Solvents Excellent

TuffSkin makes no direct or implied claims of protecting users or providing other health benefits.

The representations of performance and suitability for use contained in this datasheet are guidelines. Since only the user is aware of the specific conditions in which the product is to be used, responsibility to determine whether the product is suitable for that intended need belongs to the purchaser.

“We had TuffSkin installed in 202 bathroom vanities prior to our hotel’s grand opening. The installation was quick and efficient. The TuffSkin installed in 2008 has kept our tops looking new ever since.”

— Rod Hicken, Chief Engineer, Aliante Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV

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