I was one of the first to use G Technique after Sean suggested I try it on my new Sea Vee 39 Center console “Fish Magnet”. I also tried in on new Lexus LS 460 . I can honestly say that the products have been everything that I hoped for and more. The boat is now 2 ½ years old and still shows new. Stains clean up without chemicals or abrasives. I would be happy to show any of your potential clients my boat so they can see for themselves just how well these products maintain a great finish and protect your investment against the elements. If anybody would like to speak with me personally please feel free to share my personal cell phone number. Thanks again for a great product and great service!

Richard Bajakian

I’d love to share with you an amazing “new” product I’ve used on my 2014 Grady-White Freedom 307. For full disclosure, I have no financial interest in the product or company. The product is a series of ceramic nano-coatings applied to all surfaces including the hull, topsides, Isinglass, and vinyl. The product is more than a coating, it actually bonds to the surfaces. Further, it provides UV protection as well as the benefits of making it much easier to keep the surfaces clean and free of mildew.

The product replaces waxing (big cost savings) and lasts for at least 2 years, requiring minor touch-ups to keep it lasting for years. I have friends and neighbors who’ve used and swear by it on their boats, including a Grady. I’ve been very impressed. This may be a significant technological improvement to offer to your customers–think Helm Master for the hull surface…

I’d like to introduce you to Sean Kelly (copied above) of DNA Surface Concepts of Lake Park. I know he does a bunch of the Viking Yachts as well as super-cars. He’s also a very high-quality person.

Brian Hass

By the way, it really does stay cleaner. It’s not magic, but it’s definitely better. This was my biggest “want” for doing this.