It is no secret that these days, UV rays levels in Southern exposures are at all-time highs. When it comes to boat surfaces, they suffer horribly from this. Even as materials are being developed with more UV resistance in them, most finishes on a boat will degrade substantially, within 6 months to a year, depending on sun exposure and frequency of washing and waxing. During these times, UV rays are beaming through the worn out protective barrier the product was made to create, leaving it open to damage. This cycle will be sufficient for most of the year until it is time to compound, due to oxidation. Once this happens, the downward spiral begins for the life of the paint or gel coat especially. Our system was created to give optimum protection, shooting for 85%-100% retention of the original coating over 2 years, and the ability to do spot polishing cheaper and more efficiently. The need for entire compound jobs fades away like a memory, and your marine beauty will thank you for it.

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