It is no secret that these days, UV rays levels in Southern exposures are at all-time highs. When it comes to boat surfaces, they suffer horribly from this. Even as materials are being developed with more UV resistance in them, most finishes on a boat will degrade substantially, within 6 months to a year, depending on sun exposure and frequency of washing and waxing. During these times, UV rays are beaming through the worn out protective barrier the product was made to create, leaving it open to damage. This cycle will be sufficient for most of the year until it is time to compound, due to oxidation. Once this happens, the downward spiral begins for the life of the paint or gel coat especially. Our system was created to give optimum protection, shooting for 85%-100% retention of the original coating over 2 years, and the ability to do spot polishing cheaper and more efficiently. The need for entire compound jobs fades away like a memory, and your marine beauty will thank you for it.


Can be applied to all of the following:
• Paints – PU, Awlgrip, Imron, etc.
• Gelcoats – Colored or white and including decks
• Plastics – ANY plastic and especially good for enclosures
• Varnish/Epoxy finishes
• Glass/Perspex
• Interior panels – granite, showers, heads, varnish, etc.


One of the most common issues we see is pre-mature surface degradation, scratches and dulling starting right out of the gate within the first year from a yachts birth. Swirls are the most common overlooked factor. Although these micro scratches only seem like an aesthetic dis-pleaser to the naked eye, they are more than just an eye sore. Swirls absolutely affect the finish as they are micron -sized valleys under a microscope’s eye. Proven now to contribute to premature wax or protectant failure and allow more UV to pass through in an irregular fashion creating haze in random spots across large areas. Finish polishing followed by a quality protectant is key from the start if you want a successfully shiny yacht for many years to come.

We accomplish this on nano-scale tolerances which are unsurpassable by 97% of the abrasive technology on the shelf. Manufacturers, Dealerships and detail companies not having the latest in surface care products is common place. Mainstream hasn’t brought enough in to market especially on the marine side. Sub-prime, out dated products yield the same old results. A few washes and there are the swirls, then in 4-6 weeks wax begins to degrade and the best may last 8-12 weeks. This all starts right from the beginning. Risk to reward in this case is sub-par.

The systems used by our team and professionals around the world are going to set your yacht finish to have a chance at fighting mother-nature. The products are smarter and work harder for the dollars spent. Keep in mind many companies will never look past the shelves of the local boat supply store for products. Distributors are found to be similar, pumping out the same old compound/restorers and wax products because the margins are good. We refuse to sacrifice quality and stay stationary with our methods.

We are dynamic as a company and as individuals. We are pioneering a revolution, literally, and we want to bring all of you the best available. It’s in our DNA.


We offer a total surface coating to give long-term function; including UV protection, anti-stain, anti-stick, and stunning gloss protection for years. The benefits outweigh the cost creating a strong value with lasting function.

Nano-Ceramic technologies have proven themselves in the Marine Industry, resisting salt water and oxidation, stains and barnacles, as well as oil spills, by chemically bonding to each and every surface. UV protection is built inside and provides a stable, transparent shield against those long exposed outings. From bilges to bump stops, hatches to hull sides, this chemistry protects them all uniformly unlike anything else. Maintenance becomes a snap: less time maintaining, more time on the water.

Ceramic coatings offer an extreme level of protection in the marine environment these vessels will see. This coating package was designed in conjunction with Ceramic Pro, to cover not only the standard areas requiring protection, but going beyond to cover all plastics, trim, upholstery, and drain troughs. The results are stunning and the function is dramatic. Surfaces will retain new gloss and easy-clean features, with little maintenance or need for full re-coating.

Permanent Protection

Our ceramic coating is not a paint protectant, wax or sealant that will wash away or break down over time. It is a nano-ceramic coating that forms a permanent adhesion to the paint and can only be removed through abrasion. No chemical can dissolve the coating.

Chemical, Oxidation and Corrosion Resistant

The coating has a 100% resistant barrier against the damaging contaminants and harsh chemicals marine vessels are exposed to. Since chemicals do not do anything to the coating, the vessel is guaranteed to stay protected. The coating protects all surfaces, including metals, from getting exposed to water and oxygen.

UV protection

Silkoxid which is used in sun block is also used in our Coating. This characteristic keeps all surfaces from aging.

Super Gloss & Hydrophobicity

When you talk about surfaces being hydrophobic you often talk about the water contact angle of the surface. The higher angle of contact, the less dirt or liquid will attach to the surface. This hydrophobic effect will last a lifetime if maintained correctly and will look stunning all at the same time.

Faster on the water

Never before have we been able to rely on bottom waxes or sealants to give lasting performance


Coating applied to the following areas:

  • Smooth Gel Coat Areas
  • Vinyl Upholstery
  • Gunnel Caps & Non-Slip Areas
  • Powder-Coat & Painted Areas
  • Hatches & Drain Channels
  • Motors, Brackets, & Rigging
  • Plastics, Gauges, Buttons, etc.
  • Hull Sides to Waterline
  • Metals & Alloys

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