Automotive finishes of late models are more durable than they used to be, yet they still lack the ability to keep strong UV rays, abrasion from normal wash routines, and environmental factors from causing damage leading to premature failure. We believe in solutions based on real technology to provide a barrier or armor against these elements and have a strong track record of experience on our side. Standard waxing and detailing will NOT ever be enough to protect the finishes on board your vehicle. Quality restoration and protective coatings are the NOW and the FUTURE. Period. Get the results you have been looking for. Below you will find the 3 main categories we separate our offerings into.


DNA Surface Concepts provides quality restoration to all automotive vehicles. The quality patented products DNA use is to prolong the paint life on your vehicle. This is extremely important and will save you money from having to re-paint your vehicle in the future.


Paint Correction

It is quite common to see most new vehicles with pre-mature surface damage, gathered during the handling process before delivery. Truth be told, it happens in all brands, all dealers. All vehicles will go through a visual inspection upon arrival at our facility before making recommendations on corrective measures. Paint correction is common on 80 – 90% of the vehicles brought through our facility and is key to a fresh start and level playing field before any protective coating is installed. Part of the impact comes from a finish that is true and corrected as it stands before our eyes. Performing intensive paint correction will remove most, to all defects. This component of the enhancement process is to be followed by our ultra-premium protective solution. Master – detailers are amazing and they do exist. However, we are surface solution artists. Our process is unique, surgical, and quite impressive to those who care about the details. We go Beyond the Details insuring there is no question on quality when it comes to delivery.

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Trim Restoration

Plastics used by any manufacturer are prone to early degradation and therefore need superior Protection. Most common signs of damage are discoloration and sometimes mildew growth inside the surface more commonly seen on rubbers. The goal is not to hide or mask, but to restore by stripping “dead skin” and then treating with a quality ceramic coating designed for plastic and rubber. We offer this solution and it goes hand –in- hand with our coating services for paint. Crisp, fresh, and clean. That’s the way to do it.


Glass Restoration

Glass has always been a difficult subject for many companies claiming to have professional detailing skills. Most do not understand the very basics when it comes to glass itself as a material. It is much harder than paints, plastics, and metals all together. This is one of the main reasons that it will spot so easily without any protection on it. Water spots can be defined in 3 categories, light, medium, severe. The first 2 categories can usually be dealt with using very little mechanical action (polishing). Chemical removal of water spots is common for most vehicles and would be done during a prep process prior to paint correction. Whatever is left behind which spot removers do not remove, will be removed by mechanical action or polishing. Crystal clear glass looks great but requires protection as well. The answer is “clear to see”; clean glass is safer and aesthetically more pleasing for those wanting that “perfect detail”. We do also possess the tools and techniques to remove glazing or windshield scratches induced by constant wiper use.


Metal restoration

Many vehicles of late are steering away from using any type of metal finish due to high-maintenance needs. Chrome, polished aluminum, stainless steel, and other like metals are getting rarer but show up more commonly on wheels and some trim. Antiques are where we see most of the need for metal restoration. The process will vary depending on the level of damage and so does the cost. However, there is nothing better than that deep mirror finish once the time has been spent to restore. Everything is done mechanically using polishers to achieve the best results. Remember though, that’s only part of the process. Superior long-term protection is key to keeping maintenance cost down in the future and less time dealing with foggy or rusty metal period.

Interior surface restoration

Beauty also matters on the inside remember? Most of our services for interior refreshing are very well thought out and have major purpose beyond just presenting you with a clean cabin. Leathers, vinyls, plastics all take on organic sludge over time. It’s inevitable that oils from our skin, stains from dye in our clothes, and other factors will build up on these surfaces creating a discolored, dingy appearance. Odors are another factor to compete with. Bacteria are all around us, however we have serious solutions to not only get rid of the bacteria but also create a barrier against the return of said foe. Steam cleaning, bacteria neutralizing products, and ozone generator use will eradicate smells and stains without fail. Bright and fresh is stage 1. We also use long term BIO-STAT technology to create a mechanical barrier that will kill bacteria over time whenever it may come in contact with any surface. Learn more about this in our protection suite.


Welcome to the world of precision surface tuning. The most intriguing part of our “DNA Process” is a wonder of nanotechnology. We have the ability to manipulate and protect each surface of your vehicle with the latest ceramic coating protection available today there by building an unyielding hydrophobic, scratch resistant, UV and chemical proof barrier. Achieving that drop-dead, head-turning shine is standard when working with these technologies.


This unique proven technology performs as an invisible shield and is ceramic- like in hardness. We sometimes refer to them as “glass coating” indicating the molecular structures close ties to glass itself. Ceramic Pro is compatible with many materials.


These intelligent and extremely durable surfaces can and will last you up to 5 years or more with non- diminishing quality functional protection and ultra-gloss. Self- cleaning ability will yield a longer duration between washes. Biomimetic coatings mimic the hydrophobic characteristic of plants that repel water and dirt in order to keep themselves clean. This is why maintenance is simpler than ever. Newly re-engineered surfaces will exhibit:

Permanent Protection

Our ceramic coating is not a paint protectant, wax or sealant that will wash away or break down over time. It is a nano-ceramic coating that forms a permanent adhesion to the paint and can only be removed through abrasion. No chemical can dissolve the coating. Chemical, Oxidation and Corrosion Resistant The coating has a 100% resistant barrier against the damaging contaminants and harsh chemicals on road vehicles are exposed to. Since chemicals cannot affect the coating, the vehicles surfaces are guaranteed to stay protected. The coating protects all surfaces from getting exposed to water and oxygen.

UV protection

Silkoxid which is used in sun block is also used in our Coating. This characteristic keeps all surfaces from pre-maturely aging. No need to worry. Super Gloss & Hydrophobicity When you talk about surfaces being hydrophobic you often talk about the water contact angle of the surface. The higher angle of contact, the less dirt or liquid will attach to the surface. This hydrophobic effect will last a lifetime if maintained correctly and will look stunning all at the same time. You can be sure that even after a rain storm your vehicle will look cleaner than any other in the lot. Others will be jealous.


These are the most advanced and intelligently designed products money can buy on the “nano-tech” market right now. The standards are being thrown out and rewritten as these technologies are a force to be reckoned with. Polymer waxes, acrylics, teflons, dealer coatings, and other quartz coatings are obsolete and we have proved this in so many instances. The proof is in the pudding as it were. DNA Surface Concepts offers many options on coating packages for all budgets. Stop by for a consultation today.


When it comes to our company, our point is made clear, we go Beyond the Details to provide the best surface care available. With our extensive line of top shelf protection and our master skills of restoration, it is only proper we have intelligence when it comes to simple detailing and maintenance services. We must deliver the best service in the simplest of arenas. Detailing to us is very important because we understand what it’s like to be in a fresh ride going out to dinner or even just running around week to week. Let us help you with upkeep.


REFRESH (Teir 1)

  1. Start with a DECON wash to remove all contaminants on all surfaces including; Exterior paintwork, engine bay, door shuts, and full wheels including wheel well liners.
  2. Blow dry entirely to remove water behind all crevices. Fleece towels always used to dry surfaces. Gentle is the key.
  3. Apply 3 layers of Silica Protective Shield on ALL surfaces including; Exterior paintwork, engine bay, door shuts, wheels, and glass.
  4. When this process has been completed we will move to the interior for the following; Express vacuum including all crevices and buttons. We will find ALL dust bunnies, guaranteed.
  5. IPA wipe-down all panels and neutralize bacteria with OBEX ND antimicrobial.
  6. Apply 1 layer of Silica Protective Shield to ALL surfaces including glass for a smooth, fresh, crystal clear finish. Silica will act as the Anti-static barrier meaning cleaner surfaces, for longer periods of time. It also acts as an anti-stick layer to block normal spills or organic materials like oils from your hands.

STARTING at $150.00 for coupes

RESET (Teir 2)

Tier 1 plus what is included below:

  1. Exterior will go one step further with an express paint polish after a clay treatment to remove bonded contaminants or fallout. This will also brighten the paint and possibly remove 50% of any micro defects.
  2. Interior will be taken one step further by using steam to clean and completely sanitize and also remove light stains that may be present on headliner, seats, and door panels. Carpet deep cleaning would be possibly extra depending on the amount of soil to be removed.

Starting at $300.00 for coupes

RECON (Tier 3)

*This platform will use Tier 1 and 2 as its base but will go further into detail:

Generally this will be used for vehicles needing more of a “reconditioning” process to remove heavier amounts of soil from not only exterior surfaces but also interior surfaces.

This covers deep ground-in stains on seats and upholstery, filthy stained carpets, road tar, tree sap, etc. There is no set price on this Tier as there will be a visual inspection performed then a pointed outline of services needed to restore the entire vehicle to a new and fresh condition.

Paint correction service could be recommended at this time to remove heavy defects, scratches, water spots and other damage to exterior painted surfaces.

No matter what the budget we will offer you what you need and let you choose what is best to spend your bucks on.

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