DNA Science

At DNA Surface Concepts, we’re all about the surface and protective solutions for them.
We love the beauty of perfectly honed automotive bodywork and the elegant, timeless lines of a racing yacht.
Our mission is to work with the most advanced surface coatings available to our industry of Multi-Platform Surface Care.

Beyond the Details

We are pushing the envelope to create a solution-based strategy to protect surfaces in your garage, home, yacht, and everything surrounding. We specialize in working with Nano-Ceramic Technologies that surpass the common standard of waxes, sealants, paints, and everything made to protect your belongings surfaces. It’s all about knowing what’s out there and being accurate in choice of technology. We are obliged. We choose products based on real science, innovative materials and total efficiency builders in use. Delivering maximum long term visual impact is now possible. Ones that protect not only against the elements, but mimic nature’s very intelligent design of Nano-scale surface hydrophobicity, and fine-tuned protective properties.

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