DNA, standing for Dynamic Nano Applications, highlights our constant endeavor to stay on the front fringe of technology. Our goal is to be intelligently refreshing and to provide real purpose in our industry, challenging normal methods of surface care. We venture to be an integral part of our community and build a solid impression as a driving force to surface care innovation. This is our DNA.


As a company, we strive to exhibit accurate skill and craftsmanship in our respective field of surface restoration and protection. We accomplish our challenges using passion, performance, and professionalism. We go beyond the details – every day.


From auto to awnings, boats to baths, we are here to help. As a unit, we have worked for years creating a better solution to surface protection. However, we continue to spend time and resources to develop, research, and test the most relevant, intelligent, and high-quality surface technologies. Pioneering is all the excitement. We have proved our systems time and time again to give dramatic results, transforming surfaces to display aesthetic beauty and remarkable function. We call it the “eternal facelift” . We create solutions to premature aging, damage, and the need for heavy cleaning on all surfaces using Ultra-Premium Surface Coatings from many walks.

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